Give in to your creativity

Versatile application

  • Fence murals or as a mural cover
  • Acoustic- or visual cover, slope anchoring
  • Floor covering for terrace, entrance, staircase
  • Borderframes, raised beds
  • Garden sheds, benches, flower pots

At the top with price and performance

  • Glatthaar-Starwalls are more cost effective than other products you know so far in the natural stone area.
  • The parts:
  • High quality, reinforced concrete
  • High quality natural stone in differend forms, colours and sizes. Primarily from the black forest, Tessin and Solnhofer Platten.

Undreamt of dimensions

  • Infinite combination possibilities, so you can use our elements for small as well as big projects.
  • Use of standard and customized elements up to the size of 6x3m
  • Creative freedom in the colouring and design of the natural stones as a Mosaic, for example in the form of patterns, pictures or logos.

Outside stone, inside concrete: For gardening, landscaping and road

To work with Glatthaar-Starwalls is full of suspense, because it allows you to naturally unfold your choice. Our natural concrete bound stone walls allow you to explore all possibilities and offer you beauty, privacy and secure hold. You can get finished standard elements. Or you can develop your individual design for yourself or your customers, which we than will gladly manufacture for you. With both choices you will receive superb quality with our products, which are only manufactured with the highest standard materials of concrete and frost resistant stone. You will have a hughe choice of stones and individual sizes.

Choose your natural stone:
Colour, form and structure